Hack@Smith: Closing the Gender G(app) is Smith College’s premier hackathon. Sponsored by Smith’s Computer Science club, “Smithies in CS”, students from all over the east coast will be invited to Smith’s campus for our 24-hour hackathon in March.

At Hack@Smith, we will ensure that more than 50% of all our hackers are women. However, what we are really bringing to this event is our club's commitment to closing the gender gap in tech. Smithies in Computer Science was founded to encourage women to pursue Computer Science, to diversify the tech industry, and to strengthen our CS community. We decided that throwing a women-focused hackathon would be a perfect way to encompass all of our goals in one fun and powerful event.


All participants must either be currently pursuing a degree or taking time off from school with the intent of returning.


Make sure you select the right sponsor and category prizes you want to be considered for, and add any keywords you think might help others to find your project on Challengepost!

Hackathon Sponsors


$1,450 in prizes

Best Overall Hack

$100/team member, up to 4 members

Best Webapp Hack

$50/team member, up to 4 members

Best Mobile Hack

$50/team member, up to 4 members

Best Hardware Hack

$50/team member, up to 4 members

Best First Time Hack

Awarded to the team where Hack@Smith is the first hackathon for each member. If there are several such teams, this prize will be awarded to the team with the best hack. $50/team member, up to 4 members.

Best First Time Coder (4)

The First Time Coder award will be given to 4 first-time coders (meaning, no previous coding experience) who create the programs with the highest level of sophistication by the end of the 24 hour hacking period.

Social Media Award (Sponsored by the Smith College Center for Women and Financial Independence)

The Social Media Award will be given to the individual who posts the greatest number of original, creative Tweets (with the hackatsmith twitter account tagged) and Facebook posts (with the Hack At Smith page tagged). In the case of a tie between two individuals, the award will be granted to the individual with the most diverse and interesting posts.

Note: the use of a bot will automatically disqualify any participant from this award.

Devpost Achievements

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Judging Criteria

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